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          Member Benefits

As an important member service, your association has arranged this group legal services program, providing Expert Access to the attorneys of Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, LLC (SFNR), the “go-to” law firm for sales representatives. With more than 70 years of combined experience representing manufacturers’ representatives an d their associations, the team at SFNR understands the rep business, and is able to respond to your needs, both as a rep and as a business owner. You benefit from your association’s special arrangements with the law firm, first enabling a free, no-obligation initial telephone consultation, and then more efficient legal representation (because SFNR already knows the laws and the precedents that apply to reps, and has likely seen and researched your issues before). SFNR is even prepared to accept many commission recovery matters on a special contingency basis.

At a Glance:
Schoenberg Finkel
Newman & Rosenberg, LLC (SFNR)

  • More than 70 years’ experience representing manufacturers’ representatives
  • Based in Chicago, practicing nationwide
  • Attorneys who concentrate on rep matters within a law firm that offers a full-service business practice
  • Frequent writers, speakers and expert witnesses on rep issues
  • Worldwide strategic alliances for your international legal matters



SFNR Expert Access Group
Legal Services Program

SFNR provides legal services to numerous rep/sales agent associations in various industries, including electrical/electronic, health, gifts, housewares and incentives, food service, marine, pool/spa, and other independent sales agents.

Contact SFNR, Including if . . .

You are facing termination to avoid paying commissions; your principals are lowering your commission; you are receiving inconsistent accounting of sales reports; you have received a unilateral designation of key customers as house accounts; or your principals are attempting reduction of your territory.

Legal Services Available

  • Litigation, mediation and arbitration of disputes that arise with manufacturers, including contracts, commission recovery, non-competes, etc.
  • Disputes with customers
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts with principals
  • Sales, mergers, acquisitions of rep firms
  • Exit strategies and succession planning
  • Employee contracts and non-competes
  • Benefit programs, pension programs, and insurance
  • Employee manuals
  • Corporate matters—incorporations, state and federal taxes, real estate
  • Corporate strategic planning
  • Estate planning and wealth allocation

Features of the Program:

  • Free 20-minute initial telephone consultation, no obligation
  • No pre-enrollment or enrollment fees
  • Representing manufacturers’ reps nationwide
  • Lawyers who have “been there, done that” means fewer billable hours
  • Recovery of unpaid commissions, often handled via special blended contingency rates
  • Financial arrangements for fee-based and contingency services discussed in advance
  • Flat fee for many standard services (incorporations, employee manuals, etc.)
CONTACT the law team @ Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, llc:
Gerald M. Newman, Esq.
312.648.2300 x 309
Daniel E. Beederman, Esq.
312.648.2300 x 303
Adam J. Glazer, Esq.
312.648.2300 x 343
Leonard J. Gambino, Esq.
312.648.2300 x 344